Monday, July 05, 2004

States: P. Sainath on Chandrababu Naidu misrule

Opinion in The Hindu

P. Sainath has been a vocal critic of Chandrababu Naidu administration over the last few years. This, even while the Indian and the world press had been singing hosannas to Naidu.

The above opinion piece has been severe on Naidu and hold him responsible for all the ills Andhra Pradesh has faced. I can't somehow accept this. Perhaps I have been just as seduced by the newspapers and Naidu that I can't see the truth in this.

Sainath says:
Economists C. Mahendra Dev and C. Ravi show that "in the 1980s, A.P. was one of the top performing states in terms of Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) growth. Only three states, Rajasthan, Haryana and Maharashtra, showed higher growth than A.P. in the 1980s." However, this rank sank from number four to eight in the next decade. "Seven states showed higher growth than A.P. in the 1990s." The State was overtaken by Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.
I am still puzzled by how Tamil Nadu ruled by Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha, prone to nepotism, corrupt to the core and whimsical (certainly the latter) could push the state ahead of another state ruled by a man who seemed intelligent, honest, focused, charming and powerful (as he controlled the Government at the centre).

As to whether Naidu is corrupt or not, Sainath's final paragraph is quite revealing.
The media bios of Naidu called him the son of a "poor agriculturist." Or of a "small farmer." Or of a "modest farmer." How the modest farmer and his spouse came to be worth Rs. 21 crores after nine years in power is a mystery no one wants to solve. That's the figure you'll find in his poll-time declaration of assets. But no questions. The king could do no wrong.


  1. hi ....

    what ever p.sainath said was true ,
    as a citizen of ap , i have seen what happened during his regime ... , he is corrupt .media savvy cm.. who don't care about farmers, IT is not going to give the food for all the masses , Proirity to IT is good but not at the cost of agriculturte and education for rural mass , i agree that jaya, karunanidhi are corrupt ....
    Their families are corrupt , where as in AP chandra babu naidu instiutionlised the corruption thru his part memebers a,d his familiy

  2. i dont accept with ur views...

    its a known fact that every politician involves in corruption....atleast i cud see something gud during his regime rather than bad....
    i agree that he had done some mistakes though...which every human being do...and i hope he will look into those mistakes and come back into the power again and bring everyone's imagination of swarnandhra Pradesh into reality with his brilliant ideas...

    chandrababu rocks....!!

    a fan..

  3. It is easy to right away a politician that he/she is corrupt just because he/she made a few good business decisions that has made him/her rich. In Chandrababu Naidu’s case that remains to be seen, his investments in Heritage Foods (India) Ltd managed by his wife have seemed to have paid off (Current Value on the Stock Exchange is Rs. 145). A great visionary/politician cannot mean he/she is a great at business? Food for Thought!!!

  4. hi badri,
    Wonderful isnt it the man !, sainath he is the journalist with a heart (very distict and extict creatures on earth of his times n our times)..
    Yeah but sometime I do think that in a hurry to revolutionise the country and the world the Journalists media, and activists go a bit too far and away from the issues infact harming the issue rather than contributing to them.

  5. hello readers,
    do you think Gandhi had been there, people make him PM for eternal? Show me one leader how is really Good and uncorrupted? How do you define corruption? What is corruption? In any agreed democracy framework, there are systems and there loop holes to it , in one or other form people by corrupt by thought or action. Having said that ,in AP , i do not find any leader who is best than Mr Naidu just because he is great administrator or visionary .. lets not come down to make a mess just by saying utter non sense. ... Need of hour is great leader now to AP for future generations. See AP now ... what happened in last 10 years?
    Now current CM is promising so many things since election are there? Had CM did some real hard work in last 2 years on Power crisis , so much had been done for AP people but see .. A real leader can do anything and he must be populist too ... See manmohan a great and good person but ineffective leader as he did nothinth to control corruption .. a great economist but failed to control severe leakages ..

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