Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Anil or Mukesh? Tehelka-TNS poll

The latest issue of Tehelka (subscription required) has an opinion poll conducted by TNS on who the stockbrokers trust more - Anil or Mukesh Ambani.

Contrary to my own feelings, most stockbrokers have chosen Mukesh Ambani on a whole range of questions. The gist of the poll is
  • Mukesh is more trustworthy
  • Mukesh is more competent
  • Mother Kokilaben cannot resolve the problems between the brothers
  • If the assets have to be split between the brothers, Mukesh should get more than Anil
  • Both the brothers are still professionally ethical (now, how is this possible?)
  • Anil is to be entirely blamed for the current fiasco
  • Anil is personally motivated rather than his supposed concern for professional ethics
  • Anil's company (Samajwadi party folks like Amar Singh, Amitabh Bachchan?) is bad
  • Ego, rather than money driving the rift
  • Board of directors of the RIL are clean
  • This shouldn't be happening now - too soon after father's death

I have sold my Reliance stocks completely. I have lots of worries on the manner in which Reliance Infocomm was created and even the business practices of Infocomm. The sad thing is, institutional investors and the board of directors do not seem to have any worries whatsoever in this regard. Now stockbrokers indicate they find no problems either.

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