Friday, June 17, 2005

IIT JEE results

From The Times of India Allahabad boy tops IIT, second spot for AP lad

I couldn't find the link online to a brief news item which appeared in The Hindu. But the story on The Hindu states that of the 1,80,000+ students who took part in the IIT JEE, about 4,500 have secured more than the cut-off. The report further states that this year the exams were made easier based on a request from the Government to enable students from the Government schools to do better(!). The result of this was the cut-off marks going up.

It is confusing to me how making the exams somewhat easier helps students from Government schools. The cut-off goes up and in any case only 4,500 people or so end up over the cut-off. The cut-off is a moving point and aims to allow only those many students as many vacancies.


  1. Hi ,

    There is a fundamental difference between JEE and other competitive exams in india ! JEE tests knowledge application skills and not knowledge it self. Therefore the mode of preparation for JEE is differnt from that of school. There a few places in india like Hyderabad and Kota where factories( coaching classes) train students to handle any kind of problems in their exam paper . And not many ppl can afford these coaching classes. The rational behind reducing toughness is that students without coaching class facility can also do well.

  2. IIT JEE 2006 results are out and what have we?! The humbug advocates of pattern change are humbled. Standard & talent of Bansal Classes and Kota is benchmark for govt and CBSE etc. schools and other centres (even of the mighty metros).