Friday, July 01, 2005

DirectPost service from Indian Postal Dept.

From Chennai Online: Indian Postal Dept. to offer DirectPost Service. Ministry of Communications & Information Technology Press Release.

Heard in the AIR news today, and read in Chennai Online... Indian Postal Dept. is offering a DirectPost service - an unaddressed direct mailer service. It is unclear what they mean by unaddressed.

Normally, in a direct marketing campaign, I have a set of addresses to which I want to send a package/phamplet/CD etc. But if the package has to be unaddressed, how would it reach the specific person?

Basically this will be useful - if we get clear information about the service - for those of us wanting to do direct marketing campaign targeting specific user groups with special offers on certain products. The cost of each post is Rs. 1.50 if sent within the same city, and Rs. 2.00 to any other place in India. The price seems very reasonable!

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  1. I spoke to the concerned person in the BPC section, India Post, about two weeks before. He says, we can send an unaddressed mailer or leaflet to specific area by using this method. The leaflets will be distributed to each and every one in that area. we can choose the state, city, area (pincode) and street. say, you can give bunch of mails and ask them to deliver to every one in Nariman point. I see this as a legitimate alternative to insertion of leaflets in newspapers and nothing more.