Sunday, January 08, 2006

Biocon chief slams politicians

From Indian Express: Echoing Murthy, Biocon chief slams politicians

I am glad to note that Businesspeople have started voicing their opinions openly. Far too long, they kept quiet because they were afraid that the politicians will hit back at them by hurting their business.

Infosys and Biocon get the bulk of their (over 80%+?) revenue from outside the country. Neither depends on revenue from Government contracts in India. (TCS does...)

At best the local state politician can hurt them in trivial matters like real estate issues, but these companies have probably already decided to move out of Karnataka in case of massive problems. The infrastructure is in doldrums that the problems caused by the crumbling infrastructure is more than the tantrums thrown by the politicians.

However, I am still unhappy to see the other businessmen keeping mum about their respective politicians.

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