Friday, August 04, 2006

PS Krishnan on Social Justice and Reservation

PS Krishnan, Retd. IAS, is a former secretary to the Government of India and former member secretary of the National Commission for Backward Classes. He was the Secretary in-charge during VP Singh's time resurrecting the Mandal Commission Report.

He was recently in Chennai to give a lecture on "Social Justice and Reservation" organized by the Chennai based Indian School of Social Sciences.

I have recorded the lecture and the subsequent Q&A session and am making it available here. This is a mildly edited version. I have removed one mindless question unconnected with the reservation issue (in the Q&A section), a few word repetitions, coughs, cellphone rings and other such noises.

[Links changed, 1st May 2008]

1. Sashi Kumar of Asian College of Journalism introduces PS Krishnan, followed by Krishnan's lecture on Social Justice and Reservation., 58.43 min, 26.8 MB, 64kbps MP3 file

2. Questions and answers that followed the lecture, 42.37 min, 19.5 MB, MP3 file

Quite a bit of what PS Krishnan said in the lecture appears in an article he wrote in Frontline, Apr. 22 - May 05, 2006.

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  1. I stumbled on to this page accidentally - actually from a Google search on this person 'P.S. Krishnan' after reading his interview in Frontline. Then I found the link to another article by this same gentleman on your blog. I'm very impressed - I've never heard of this name before. But it's heartening to see someone articulating the issues on this subject in an objective manner, without getting carried away by one's own agenda or fears. It's people like these that compensate for all the injustice and ignorance in India.
    I looked at your other articles here too - very interesting! I might stop by again :)