Monday, January 28, 2008

PanIIT Mentoring Programme

I participated in the PanIIT Mentoring Programme held yesterday (Republic day) at IIT-Madras. This was an event conducted across 16 centres, with the intention of mentoring at least 1,000 prospective entrepreneurs.

I had the opportunity to interact with five people. Some had just started new ventures. Rest were in the process of quitting their regular jobs to start new ventures. I was glad I could offer them some directions based on my experience.

I think more such informal meetings should be organized.

At the end of the programme, ex-President Abdul Kalam addressed the gathering through a webcast link, from Hyderabad. He talked glowingly about Periyar PURA, one of the instances of his pet project. The Q&A at the end was a bit boring, though.

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