Monday, July 26, 2010

Nokia, Foxconn gas leak problem

News reports indicate that leaking of a noxious substance in the Foxconn factory inside the Nokia SEZ in Sriperumpudur near Chennai has resulted in several workers affected by nausea, coughing of blood and breathing problems. A Tamil website has a more detailed story.

This is a distressing news. Nokia should also be pulled in to deal with this problem. Foxconn is a dedicated manufacturing facility for Nokia's mobile handsets. It has subsequently come to the light that Foxconn does not have certain necessary approvals for re-opening the plant. This plant was not functional for a few months because of low orders and was restarted only recently.

Nokia should come out with a report of its own about what caused this problem and what measures are being taken to avoid recurrence of such a problem.

Further, Foxconn and Nokia should jointly announce reasonable compensation and that too immediately. Nokia cannot shirk away its responsibility in this case.

Looking through's website, it is shocking to find that the employees take home a paltry Rs 3,270 for working 26 days. For factory work, this is horribly low!

What is the minimal wage law in India? Something has to be done to increase this to a reasonable level.

It is because of instances such as this that capitalism gets a very bad name.

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