Tuesday, March 22, 2011

AIADMK - DMK final positions

The final positions are out.

AIADMK has booted out MDMK from its camp, as Vaiko, the leader of MDMK has not agreed to the offer from AIADMK. The rest of the alliance partners are intact. So the final tally is:

DMDK: 41
CPM: 12
CPI: 10
MMK (Muslim party): 3
PT (Dalit party): 2
AISMK (Sarath Kumar): 2
Indhiya Kudiyarasu Katchi: 1
Muvendhar Munnetra Munnani: 1
Kongu Ilainjar Peravai: 1
Forward Block: 1

Opposed to this is DMK-Congress-PMK alliance.

DMK: 119
Congress: 63
PMK: 30
VC (Dalit party): 10
Kongu Nadu Munnetra Kazhakam: 7
Muslim League: 3
Others: 2

In my view, AIADMK has a minor edge over the ruling DMK. Congress is the biggest weakness in the DMK grouping. There will be considerable infighting within Congress (as is evident in their not announcing the candidates so far). While there will always be a certain degree of unhappiness in every party for the given seats, it is very important how quickly a particular party chooses its candidates and how quickly they start campaigning in their constituencies.

In the last elections, DMK's manifesto was considered a major reason for winning the elections. One has to see the manifesto along with the usual anti-incumbency combined with a reasonably strong grouping put together by DMK. This time DMK has again come up with a loaded manifesto. The battles are not anymore fought with ideology; it is all about freebies.

Last time it was colour TVs. Now it will be wet grinders or mixie - your choice. And several more. I will write in detail about what is on offer from DMK.

AIADMK has not yet come up with its manifesto. It may not have many freebies in them. It will have to be seen whether people are swayed by the offer a wet grinder or a laptop.


  1. Last time Vijaykanth played spoilsport. Despite losing the elections, if Captain's votes were added ADMK would have had a higher voteshare.

  2. Hi this is out of context. In a recent meeting (Kizhakku motta madi) with Mr.Gnani you stated that a book will be published which will discourse elections, guidelines and etc. Is it gonna be published? Checked Kizhakku stores few times, but no luck. Any info will be helpful.

    video link