Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Foreign Pilots find India a lucrative destination

The Times of India says Pilots from across the world fly in

Trained aeroplane pilots from around the world are finding India a good destination, says the above article. And that they are willing to work for less than what Indian pilots demand! There is also a hint that India may come up with a legislation insisting that at least one of the two pilots in the cockpit must be an Indian, and that the Airline industry may lobby to knock it off.

I think Indian youngsters should seriously take to flying courses. I suppose there are enough qualified academies around in India? The salaries seem fabulous!

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  1. Interesting... airline schedules are going for a toss due to lack of pilots - there has been so much movement of pilots between different airlines - I guess that is why salaries are fabulous now! somewhat like the money ordinary journalists are getting now in Mumbai due to competition beteen new newspapers...
    but given the chatoic state of the airline industry now, I just hope there is no lobbying for "Indian" pilots - we need more pilots. period.