Tuesday, August 02, 2005

HCL Info launches PC for Rs 9,990

The Times of India says HCL Info launches PC for Rs 9,990

This is the usual lie computer companies resort to. The landing price is not sub 10k. A small asterisk will lead you to fine print that says you are expected to caugh up another Rs. 1,250 for various other services including the first year maintenance - compulsorily. So it is over Rs. 11,000.

"The PC has 1 GHz processor from Taiwan" says the news. So I suppose that is Via Technologies Chip. Nothing wrong with that. It works quite okay. I have one (lower than 1 GHz) and it has been working quite well under Windows 98. I found Linux struggling, particularly with the built-in sound. But that should have been resolved by now.

With poor power supply, as of now, we require an UPS as well to go along with this. That would cost another Rs. 2,000+. So in all, we would end up paying Rs. 14,000 for the computing machine system.

There is more work to be done in this area.


  1. While companies put things put in fineprint, you have to take ToI news with more than a pinch of salt :-)

  2. From Hindu
    Maran says that by next month an Open Source development center will be established in chennai. Do you have any idea about that or is it usual public gimmick

  3. Saravan: In general, there is less truth and more gimmick in whatever Dayanidhi Maran has been saying/doing. We will have to wait for the supposed centre to come up, see who populate it, what their mandate is and what they come up with before commenting on it.

  4. Apna PC (branded as Aamar PC for Bengal, Aamchi PC for Gujarati, Apna PC for Hindi-land and Namma PC for Tamil, Telugu, Kannada(?), Mallu lands) company Calcutta based Xenitis has slashed the price to Rs. 9,790 says this rediff news.

    Chip and motherboard Intel. No idea what the fine print will carry. I guess the OS will be Linux, and it will suck when it comes to language solutions as we still have a fair bit to go.

    These products will help upto a point. There is a likelihood of more Linux support professionals though.