Monday, July 15, 2013

Modi's agenda for improving education in the country

Narendra Modi's 10 point agenda revealed before students - DNA

* In Gujurat first of its kind 'I create institute", is coming up under the guidance of Infoysis founder chief Narayan Murthy. Here we will groom students for the professions they have aptitude in. If I ask what is the biggest concern today for parents, it is that their child should get a good teacher. We have huge youth power, but no liking towards teaching profession. Gujurat is coming up with first of its kind Teachers training university. Then there is one Forensic Science university too is coming up.

* When I approached Narayan Murthy to head an institute in the country, he took six months to take the decision as he was scared that he received invitation from Modi, will it land him in any trouble. An IT raid probably. [article]

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