Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pay Rs 5 to attend Narendra Modi's rally

Modinomics: Pay Rs 5 to attend Narendra Modi's rally in Hyderabad - Times of India

The BJP is charging Rs 5 per ticket for the public meeting and on day one of the online registration for the meeting on Monday, about 8,000 persons signed up. Organizers are expecting anywhere between 50,000 to one lakh attendance for the meet, which at the rate of Rs 5 per ticket would amount to about Rs 5 lakh in case the party manages a full house. [article]


  1. Badhri, when did you join in BJP?

  2. collecting money for a rally from the specific area business tycoons is a common procedure in process.. this is surely different.. hopefully the local politicians should spare the businessmen in the locality.. the most important thing is it shows the credibility of the party among public.. having said that, its still possible for a local politician to do some malpractice by spend 5 rs for gathering mass for these kind of rally's..in that aspect this 5rs is just an additional cost with the briyani..isn't it? :)

  3. Join after narendra modi announces as pm canditate...