Monday, March 14, 2005

Arbitrage, anomalies and autos

I love the section in Business Line every Monday called "Mentor". This week, it is on Arbitrage, anomalies and autos.

Easy to follow.

We see arbitrage almost every day, but it is not always easy to make use of the arbitrage to benefit from it.

The article also explains why the stock price in India, and the corresponding ADRs in US markets differ widely, prompting a lot of companies to consider a sponsored ADR.

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  1. The main source of news for the Pink Dailies are action in the stock markets. Since the markets are closed over the weekend, the newspapers might not have much to report on a Monday.

    So financial newspapers the world over have devised ways of attracting readers to their Monday edition. Business Line targets students of CA, CWA and ACS through the Mentor column which appears every Monday. I used to be a regular reader of Mentor and also participate in their contests like "Just Like That" & "Acronym" etc.

    Economic Times has a section called "The Learning Curve" every Monday. This section is targetted mainly at Management students.