Thursday, March 10, 2005

Website spotting

Can you take a single look at the website of a corporate and find out which country they are from? David Bowen of Bowen Craggs & co says he can in this article in Business Standard (via Financial Times) The online transatlantic gap.

American (corporate) websites are functional but... rather poorly designed while European sites are more of marketing and image building but less of functionality, says Bowen.

For me, the corporate site has to be more functional. People are not coming to websites to watch massive commercials or to enjoy the colour combination. They want something useful.

Indian corporate websites are usually bad on both the counts, functionality and design quality. I would hope they follow American websites than the European one.

1 comment:

  1. badri

    indian sites are like those small shops.. with every cm^2 crammed with information

    check out any of the news sites, samachar, sulekha etc. etc. they are instantly recognizable as Indian

    a really interesting site is an IIT coaching site in chennai

    so colorful and indian.. maybe even tamizh!