Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Thank you, Kreeshnaswomay!

Saw an advertisement with the above copy at the top. Tesco, the super market chain in UK (and several other European countries), has set up its back office operations in Whitefield, Bangalore. They call it Tesco HSC - Tesco Hindustan Service Center! I thought only Pakistanis and the Hindi heartland folks referred to India as Hindustan.

Anyway, the above is a recruitment ad for software developers, maintainers to handle the back office operations. The ad copy goes on to say
The IT team at Tesco Bangalore helps shorten supermarket checkout queues, so Martha [an old lady] can get home early to her favourite pastime - baking.
All 'Kreeshnaswomay's are requested to send in their resumes to, but before doing that go to their site and go through the job descriptions:-)


  1. Our kreeshnaswomays can slog their asses off so Martha can go home to bake. Isn't it time the English dropped their asinine colonial fake sense of superiority for god's sake?!

  2. Why are they pronouncing our names like they spell it in Pondicherry?

    BTW I went to Tesco HSC's site and found out that the CEO is Meena Ganesh. Not sure whether u know this, Meena ganesh is the wife of Ganesh Natarajan of Aptech fame / Zensar Technologies.

  3. Kaps..

    I think the Tesco CEO, Meena Ganesh, is one of the co-founders of BPO firm CustomerAsset (acquired by ICICI) and is married to K. Ganesh, another CustomerAsset co-founder.

    See her recent (post Tesco) interview to ET at

  4. She is NOT Ganesh Natarajan's Wife. She is Krishnan Ganesh's Wife who just happens to own TutorVista a KPO company which he started recently. The company featured in New York Times just recently. Google it for further details. And please please please can you TRY to review facts before you paste them wrong?? Thank you.