Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The new council of ministers

Dr. Manmohan Singh is the new prime minister for the country. His council of ministers (all but the sulking DMK chaps) have taken over.

In my opinion, the following ministries are important, for they have to set the direction for key initiatives to make India a thriving economy, and a relatively more satisfied people all across. The ministries and ministers are:

Finance - P Chidambaram (Congress I)
Commerce - Kamalnath (Congress I)
Food and agriculture - Sharad Pawar (NCP)
Power - PM Sayeed (Congress I)
Water resources - PR Dasmunshi (Congress I)
Surface and Road transport - TR Baalu (DMK)
IT and Telecom - Dayanidhi Maran (DMK)

There are several other key ministries, but I would like to focus on the seven I have mentioned. In most state elections the issue of 'bijli, sadak & pani' has resulted in throwing out the incumbent state governments. The common people have increased their expectations from their ruling state governments. However, it would be the central government ministers who can set long-term goals and help the state governments achieve their respective targets.

I intend to cover whatever these ministers and their ministries say which is reported in newspapers, their web sites and in parliament proceedings. I will also try to follow what the opposition says about the policies of these ministers over the days to come.

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