Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Sissy Congress MPs bring shame on themselves on National TV

A drama is being played on the National TV as I write this, broadcast live from the parliament hall. The only person who has conducted herself with dignity is Sonia Gandhi. While I do not think she will be a great prime ministerial material, she is at least clear about what she can do and what she wouldn't want to. I bow to her!

Not mentioning that she was not a prime ministerial candidate before the elections could be considered a tactical move as otherwise, the coalition headed by her would have disintegrated. However she did commit a mistake by not announcing her decision publically the day the results were announced. She strung her party MPs and allies along till yesterday. Only yesterday, some rumours came out that she may not want to be the PM.

The post of PM carries a lot of dignity and hell of a lot of responsibility. If someone is not willing to take it up, it is silly to persuade her to take the job up. Would her mind be fully on the job if she was reluctant? I wouldn't want to hand over the responsibilities of my country to her, after seeing her reluctance.

It is time for the Congress (I) to move on and find another leader. Dr. Manmohan Singh is a reasonable man, and perhaps can take the country to greater heights.

But the Congress goons are turning the parliamentary party meeting into a massive sob story. Tears flow all around. It looks a pitiable sight seeing so many grown up people not willing to come to terms with a simple fact read out by Sonia Gandhi. She doesn't want to be the Prime Minister. Now which part of this sentence can they not understand?

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  1. From time immemorial we are advised to use this tactics. Remember Ramayana & Kaikeyi? :) What do say about Gandhian principle of satyagraha, fasting until death to force his thoughts to like-minded people?