Thursday, May 27, 2004

Power: Electricity Act 2003 to be reviewed?

The Power Minister PM Sayeed said two days back that he didn't see any need to review the Electricity Act 2003, when responding to a question posed to him by the journalists. Here is the quote from the news in The Hindu:
On the demand of some of the UPA allies that the recently passed Electricity Act be reviewed, Mr. Sayeed said there was no need to do so at the moment.

The Electricity Act, 2003 contemplates the efficient development of the power sector in a competitive environment, including restructuring of the vertically integrated State Electricity Boards to bring about greater accountability, transparency in provision of subsidy and introduction of competition through open access in transmission, he said.
However it appears that the left parties want the review of this act in the Common Minimum Programme (CMP), which is to be released today. Based on various television reports, the CMP may ask for a review of the act.

You can get The Electricity Act, 2003 as a PDF file here. The Electricity Employees Federation of India is of the opinion that this act is bad for the poor people. Their views are here.

No wonder, the Left groups are a bit concerned with this act. I intend to read the massive 84 page document of the Act and also various analysis available around to find out what is there in it, and will revert with my views at a later time.

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