Thursday, March 08, 2007

Private FM players may be allowed to broadcast Cricket commentary

An article in Business Standard suggests that the government may allow private FM channels to broadcast cricket commentary. As of now, FM stations are not allowed to broadcast news. Cricket is certainly entertainment and not news, but for some reason since their inception radio stations were not allowed to broadcast cricket. It would be great if the government notification happens before the World Cup next week.

Nothing outstanding may happen for the current World Cup. We may only get the standard Hindi/English commentary. But in future, city based stations can offer cricket commentary in respective languages. This will generate more listeners and hence more revenues for the stations, and consequently more revenues to the rights holders and the BCCI.

Tamil channels coming on air in Bangalore reports that slowly some Tamil channels have been let in the cable networks. One cable operator commented:
"Even now, we don't want to antagonize the Kannada activists by starting all the Tamil channels at one go," said a cable operator, who did want to be named. "We will do it slowly, and maybe meet in a few days to take a decision on the matter, because the entire process of notification may take a long time. Why should entertainment be mixed up with politics?" he asked.