Thursday, October 25, 2007

ICL & IPL. Can BCCI blacklist Zee/Ten from bidding?

There is a report in The Economic Times that says BCCI is likely to blacklist Zee Group and Ten Sports from bidding for its cricket telecast rights.

Naturally BCCI is pissed off at Zee Group for starting Indian Cricket League - ICL. However, can that be grounds enough to blacklist Zee from bidding for rights? BCCI claims this has to do with Zee pulling out of overseas crickets telecast rights. Zee claims it has initiated arbitration proceedings.

Ten Sports is only partly owned (majority stake though) by Zee. Can BCCI also blacklist Ten Sports?

My view is that BCCI's blacklisting will not be sustainable in the court of law. Zee is certain to contest such blacklisting, if it happens.

However if the rights in question relate to IPL, BCCI may have a point whereby it can claim that Zee may not promote IPL properly, since it also owns ICL - supposing Zee wins the bid to telecast IPL. Courts may agree to this point. The same however cannot be said if the rights are for One-day internationals or Tests.

Cricinfo to picth for other sports

After ESPN has acquired Cricinfo, here are some bytes indicating what is in store for the future. [ET article]
  • Cricinfo like operations to be created for other sports.
  • Cricinfo journalists will now be seen on camera on Sportscenter shows in Australia and South Africa. [Not India?]
  • ESPN will promote Cricinfo through TV commercials around the world.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Frankfurt Book Fair 2007

Our company, New Horizon Media Pvt. Ltd. will be participating in Frankfurt Book Fair. This is our second trip to Frankfurt.

Last year, India was the guest of honour at the Frankfurt fair. National Book Trust had set up a special pavilion. Several Indian publishers had used this opportunity to come to Frankfurt. But this year, very few are attending.

Our stall is at 6.0 E 904.