Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tamil Nadu to approach Supreme Court on Entrance Test mess

Heard in the afternoon news that Tamil Nadu Government has approached the Supreme Court against the Chennai High Court order striking down the TN Govt. order on cancellation of the entrance exam for professional courses. Students have also approached the Supreme Court, to request them not to grant TN Govt. stay of the High Court order.

This would mean a minimum of 10-15 days delay to the admission process.

Tamil Nadu Govt. move is unacceptable.

TN Govt. may be borrowing some time, as I suspect they are planning to frame an ordinance with retrospective effect to cancel the Entrance exams. There could be political moves to force the Governor's hand in signing it etc.

Poor students!

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  1. TAmil nadu Chief Minister must be punished and all students must compensated from C M own properties Rs.10,00,000.00 each for his mental stain