Saturday, November 12, 2005

CBSE amends bylaws to waive fees for girl child

The Times of India reports: CBSE amends bylaws to waive fees for girl child

So it is finally official now. Bylaws have been amended. No debate. No scope for debate. It now has to be followed.

Why are our rulers so insensitive? The silence of CBSE schools is worrying.

There are some aspects of this move quite amusing!

* If the schools so wish, they can waive the transportation and meal charges as well. [Right! And if they want they can pay the students an extra stipend as well, buy them all a bicyle, pay for the weekend movies and free crackers for Diwali!]

* Schools affiliated to CBSE have the option of implementing this decision with immediate effect or from the next academic session beginning April 2006. [And, if the schools want, they can retrospectively reimburse the fees paid by such single girl children over the last 5 years?]

CBSE distributes free lunch, by robbing private schools


  1. // No debate. No scope for debate. It now has to be followed.//

    why? i thought,they can go to courts get a stay order. not possible now?

  2. Yes, but a judicial review could be quite painful. Whether the CBSE schools are strong enough to handle this has to be seen.

    Or would they be looking at beating the system differently? By going to Metriculation system in TN (or similar in other states) has to be seen.

    It could impact new schools coming up since their business plan would be adversely impacted. They will need to calculate the impact of this tuition waiver - but the problem is it is difficult to calculate, since it depends on the demographic factor.

    That a minority government at the centre can push through moves like this without any concern for debate, is very worrying. What would happen if the current government has an absolute majority?

  3. This is nothing but a populist move. If the govt is really sincere in it's motive, it should have got the guts to ask the state govts to cough up the extra amount for the waiver.
    The real poor students , we can see mostly in the state govt run schools/municipal schools. Who are going to benefit by this rule? Can't this be challenged by a PIL? Any PTA or other organization thinking in this direction?
    I wrote about this two months ago. in my blog in Tamil.
    In Mumbai, there was no reaction. Today, Hindustan Times has come heavily on this.