Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Raja's defense

It is still unclear to me what CBI's case is against Raja. If they say that he has taken money from Telcos to give them license without going for auction, then CBI has to provide the proof for the same - money trail, evidence for conspiracy etc.

If, on the other hand, they are showing that his not auctioning the spectrum meant that companies like Swan and Unitech making "profits out of re-selling the spectrum" resulting in loss to the exchequer to the tune of around Rs 22,000 crore, then the case is a non-starter.

Raja's defense yesterday, focused on this very issue.

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  1. Agree. The only charge that will stick is that Raja gamed the first-come-first-server process to favour a few selec companies. Even then the money trail needs to be shown.

    The other charges (loss to exchequer by not auctioning, Swan and Unitec selling shares) are based on the specious CAG report and cannot stand impartial scruitny.

    The real question is, how will the judiciary handle this. So they they have loved sensationalism (putting big wigs behind bars and denying bail). If that continues, there may not be any impartial scruitny :-(