Monday, August 08, 2011

US credit rating in Tamil Media

Today's Dinamani has an article on how India is in the 14th place of Nations that have lent money to the USA. Though technically correct, the US didn't beg India to borrow some money. US Govt. issued treasury bills and India, along with several other Asian countries, stood in line to subscribe to them. It was not the lender setting out stipulations; but the borrower setting out terms. Countries like China, Japan and India had no other option but to take up these highly rated paper, even though the yield was low because they had dollar surplus. The headline for this story in Dinamani reads: US still owes India Rs 1.83 lakh crore, suggesting that there is a likelihood of US running away without repaying in full.

Dinamalar has a longish article titled US getting hammered, credit rating brought down. The article is reasonably complete but wouldn't make much of a sense to a Tamil reader, as it lacks the context. This is more a news wire story translated into Tamil.

As an aside, Dinamani pronounces Poor correctly, Dinamalar makes it 'puvar'.

I couldn't locate any story in Dinathanthi, which I am looking forward to. Dinathanthi tries its best to make such complex news easy to the lay Tamil reader, with the correct context.

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