Friday, May 06, 2005

Tony Blair's third term

That Tony Blair was going to be elected for the third term was well known before the elections. The conservatives, lacking a charismatic leader and a good story to take to people, gave a battered Blair another chance.

This is probably the last term for Blair. He may want to leave the post either midway or at the end of the term.

I am happy to note that Liberal Democrats have increased their seats, and hopefully the trend will continue. They have also increased their voting share significantly to about 23% of the total votes polled.

Britain is not a very important force in the world today. Yet, as sidekicks to USA they cause considerable damage to the world. Hopefully, with this verdict, Britain will stay out of American adventurism.


  1. Don't think that Britan would become better without Blair. It is the collapse of the empire. Be ready for much worse, and much more pathetic things from the nation. When the kings lose....

  2. Britain, since the rise of U.S. as a super power has become a bootlicker to U.S.

  3. But now, British politicians will be more careful in that they have found out now that people in Britain think differently from people in the USA.

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