Saturday, May 07, 2005

Video piracy through Internet streaming

News from The Hindu: Downloading, a twist in video piracy tale

This now is a very real threat. There have been quite a few online sites providing streaming video of most of the movies without properly acquiring rights. Fighting them is difficult. Legislation has to be made at the level of the Central Govt. to arm specific agencies in India to pursue and prosecute erring websites wherever they are based.

However even this is difficult logistically. Should it be the job of the government of a particular country to go after pirates in other parts of the world? Can the government afford to spend lots of money in order to protect the revenue of a few private entities? It will be left to the concerned rightsholders to find ways of saving their own intellectual property rights.

They will have to form a body to go after the erring websites in a bit to close them down, by tracking their ISPs and complaining to the ISP as well as threatening to take legal action against the ISPs and other downstream internet providers.

In addition to this, the rightsholders should also look at exploring ways by which they can make movies available over the Internet for legal downloading at reasonable prices.

Governmental legislation at the state level is not going to help at all.

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