Friday, October 21, 2005

Mumbai choked, check migrants: Thackeray

Indian Express: Mumbai choked, check migrants: Thackeray

Thackeray wants to convert Mumbai into a city state and start issuing 'entry permits'. He has not thought about what the impact will be if every bursting state capital implements the same. Bangalore, as we all know, is in deep trouble because of poor infrastructure. I can tell you that Chennai is probably only marginally better, but crumbling as well. Mumbai has been worse, because of higher population and the structure of the city. It cannot grow radially.

Where there are opportunities, people will rush in. Shiv Sena cannot demand that such people only be Marathi speaking ones. Just as a lot of Mumbaikars are living in Bangalore, Bangaloreans in Chennai and so on.

Unlike in the past, I hope people now completely ignore Thackeray's rants.


  1. Hi Badri - The good part is no one takes Balu T seriously. The bad part is what he's saying at least addresses a crying need - stop people coming into this city !

    Perhaps a larger solution, and probably as Suketu Mehta says in his book "Maximum City" is that you need the country to do well.

    Its only when prospects in other parts of the country are better than Bombay will people stop coming here. Or Bombay becomes so bad and unbearably hopeless that people don't want to come here any more. The way things are going, the second thing will happen before the first.

  2. Too many posts in one day :)
    Thanks for all of those, though, especially DoT mess.