Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sub-10k moped

While a whole lot of people are looking at Sub-10k PC, there is more of a need for a Sub-10k motorised, petrol driven two wheeler.

The lowest costing two-wheeler is more in the range of 16-18k. A Sub-10k no-frills, high mileage vehicle would help a lot of rural, semi-urban Indians. As far urban India, mass transit public transportation models are the best.

Does anyone know of any Indian engineering companies working on such a product? What kind of options are available in Chinese imports?


  1. afaik, there was no such proposal from indian players until recenlty. the authorities are in the process of revising age limit from 18 to 16 to get a D/L . hope some one takes cue from this.

  2. You mean "Sub-10k motorised, petrol driven *geared* two wheeler", because TVS champ, TVS 50 etc. do exist in non-geared and autogear models.

  3. Jagadish, not necessarily geared. TVS Champ etc. costs 16k+, I am told.

    Don't know if TVS 50 model is continued now.