Monday, January 12, 2009

The communist parties and the LTTE

To follow up on yesterday's posting, two quotes found in Dinamani today will make my assertion clear.

Talking to newspersons in Coimbatore, CPM's Brinda Karat said: "There should be a permanent political solution to the Tamil problem in Sri Lanka. The sympathy shown to the Sri Lankan Tamils should not encourage entities that support the LTTE. The Sri Lankan Tamils and the LTTE are different from each other." (Dinamani, 12/1/2009)

Speaking at Paramakkudi, CPI's D.Pandian said: "No one can fight for a cause for a period of 30 years without the support of the people. Therefore, one cannot dismiss the LTTE away as mere terrorists." (Dinamani, 12/1/2009)

I mentioned yesterday that the two communist parties have not made their views on the LTTE clear, while showing pro- and anti- stance. They have today made their stance fairly clear.

CPI favours talking to the LTTE and recognizing them. CPI(M) does not and considers the LTTE, untouchable.

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  1. What would the Communist Party of Sri Lanka have to say on this matter ?
    Their President of the local branch was shot dead by the ltte.
    The local president of the LSSP, another left wing party, too was shot dead by the ltte.
    Thus ltte completely shut out all left parties from their domain.
    That's ltte politics for your information.