Monday, January 05, 2009

The Fall of Kilinochi

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE) have lost their key city, their de facto capital Kilinochi, to the Sri Lankan army. Sri Lankan army have gained ascendancy over the last several months, starting with Mavilaru in the East, culminating in "liberating" Eastern Sri Lanka from the control of LTTE. Now, their progress is the North has pushed LTTE cadres to surrender positions held by them for close to a decade.

LTTE are far from out. They will step up suicide attacks in Colombo, and could possibly expand this all the way to Matara in the South.

The humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka is worse than in Gaza. Since we get Gaza beamed into our houses non-stop, we sympathise more with the Palestinians.

The Tamil Nadu based supporters of LTTE have been ineffective in getting proper coverage of the Sri Lankan issue in the Indian media, and also in sensitising non-Tamil Indians on the Sri Lankan problem and the role expected to be played by the Indian Government in bringing this crisis to a stop.

I intend to touch upon some of the aspects of the Sri Lankan crisis and the views of various Indian political parties in this regard, in a series of posts.

Pranab Mukherjee and the Congress headed UPA Government cannot shy away from their responsibilities. They cannot delay meeting the Sri Lankan Government any further. The war in Sri Lanka must be stopped immediately and only India can play this role effectively.


  1. //They can delay meeting the Sri Lankan Government any further.//

    Badri, I think it should be 'They cannot delay meeting the Sri Lankan Government any further.

    Regarding the Media coverage, I do agree with you that it is not covered as much as India-Pak, etc. However, Times Now is the only news channel which is covering this Live with their Reporters traveling across the areas of fight. I watched yesterday's News Hour with Arnob, it was covered well.

    Eager to read your series of post in this matter.

  2. Thanks Magesh. I have corrected the mistake.