Monday, April 02, 2012

AIESEC Youth To Business Forum @ Sastra

I spent yesterday at Sastra University, Thanjavur, the event being AIESEC Youth To Business Forum. Here are some of my observations:

* The students are amazingly confident, much more than what we ever were during our days.
* The event was entirely conceived, planned and conducted by the students and done quite well too.
* A number of them consider entrepreneurship as a serious career option, which is probably not all that surprising.
* Several of them have very interesting business ideas, and if implemented may become quite successful.

* However, most of the ideas revolved around Internet and e-commerce. Some on marketing and retail.
* I couldn't find anything related to core engineering.
* I found that girls were not as enthusiastic as boys when it came to talking about start up ideas, though they were easily 50% of the entire group. Start-up space is almost fully all male, it appears.

It looked very positive, in all. I do expect some of these students to go on to build very exciting enterprises.


  1. //* I couldn't find anything related to core engineering.//

    So nothing different from you. All of them on your vision and path!

  2. I was a part of AISEC. I went for an internship in Poland. Trust me, AIESEC can change your life. It's all about making network with people from around the globe. The founder of was also an AIESECER. Very inspiring!