Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A brief history of Citibank

There is a nice advertisement, a sheet over today's Mint, from Citibank, to commemorate its 200th year.

1812: Citi opens as The First National City Bank of New York.
1866: Citi funds the transatlantic cable.
1904: Citi funds the Panama canal.
1948: Citi supports the Marshall plan to rebuild Europe.
1956: Citi backs uniform cargo containers.
1958: Citi backs the commercial Jetliner.
1977: Citi pioneers the ATM.
2011: Citi is the first card in Google Wallet.

I don't see how the 2011 move is that great. However, the other ones are, so if I live for the next 20 years, I will understand the significance of Google Wallet move.

I need to find a good history of Citibank.

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  1. we also miss the citi NaSa.. breakup and mergers..