Thursday, April 12, 2012

Earth quake and Nuclear reactors

This was my first experience. The tremors were mild in Chennai. I was in the middle of recording couple of book reviews for Makkal TV.

I was in Chennai during the 2004 Tsunami and didn't feel any tremors then. I do remember vividly the panicked crowd running on foot and in autos carrying all their valuable belongings. Yesterday was in the middle of work. Almost everyone in the office wanted to leave immediately as they felt the traffic will pile up, little knowing that they will be only adding to the chaos. Only three or four of us stayed on till 6.30 PM.

The talk now is centered on Kalpakkam and Kudangulam atomic power plants and their safety. Tamil Nadu is not in a heavy seismic zone. The tremors we felt yesterday were insignificant. In fact, Tamil Nadu didn't even feel anything of this kind during the Maharashtra, Gujarat and Pakistan earthquakes in the last two decades in which thousands of people had died

I can understand opposition to nuclear plants on the basis of strong principles. To base it on such weak arguments as lack of safety under mild tremors is ridiculous. But I guess it is futile to discuss these things as neither party is willing to listen to reasoned arguments.


  1. //NEITHER party is willing to listen to reasoned arguments.// so it includes obviously besides me, you too, eh ?:)

  2. Yes. Rather than you and me specifically, people who belong to either camps. I am more than happy to come and talk to someone in the anti-nuclear camp as well as listen to what they have to say.

  3. If anything happened (even then, i'm sure You'll say that that shouldn't have happened and as always be a apologist for Nuclear industry)what types of evacuation structure your government put in place? It is a fair reason,to stop work at the site, isn't it? "what they are going to do with the waste" is also a fair concern on a strong principle of the OTHER group.Or asking for the disclosure of the Compensation agreement between Russian firm and India. But guys like you repeatedly misleading others by posing yourself as a argumentative Indian fumes words only based on strong morals or evidence.

  4. //vividly the panicked crowd running on foot and in autos carrying all their valuable belongings.//

    Surely Cant change the people..:):)

  5. Imagine the fear, ppl in chennai experienced during the moments of mild tremor. Ppl of koodankuLam are living with the same fear for 24/7. Did any one think of this?!?

    Let the plant be. Atleast, what safety and insurance(if any) plans are there in place? And what about compensation?