Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cricket on worldspace radio!

In a press release issued by Worldspace India, they have talked about offering a dedicated sports radio channel, branded "PLAY", in their digital satellite radio platform.

The content will be provided by BBC, Radio Midday (GO 92.5 FM in Mumbai) and TWI.

If you have to run this channel successfully in India, you would have to get access to live audio commentary of cricket matches, which has primarily been the preserve of All India Radio.

In addition, this channel will have to get audio broadcast rights to Grandslam tennis events, World Cup football, several hockey matches, round-the-clock sports news, interviews and so on.

TWI can offer excellent content here. BBC will provide global sports news content. Radio Midday is expected to pitch in with Indian sports content.

I have the worldspace radio at home, but haven't taken the paid subscription deal. I will now take up the subscription just for this sports channel (and perhaps also the 24 hour Carnatic channel).

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