Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Free Trade vs Trade Barriers

Ramnath, while criticising P.Chidambaram, presents the views of Arvind Panagariya, Professor of Economics at Columbia University, on trade barriers and his advice to the developing countries.

Today's The Hindu has a borrowed piece from The Guardian, written by Guardian's economics editor, Larry Elliott. It will provide an alternate viewpoint, one that uses the 18th century USA as an example.


  1. Thanks for that link, Badri. Larry Elliott quotes Dani Rodrik's research; you can read about that research from Rodrik's own words here.

  2. I would rather have PC keep in mind the Nation's interest than scoring a point with BG on free trade. NO ONE has free trade. Countries that practise really free "free trade" do so because their national interest is in it. Let the tide of free trade turn against them and we'll see how they react.