Thursday, December 29, 2005

Terrorist attack in IISc?

From Nanopolitan: nanopolitan: Terrorist attack in IISc

Yesterday night I was horrified to watch in the news a gun attack at IISc, where a conference on Operations Research was going on. The news anchors couldn't immediately get an idea on whether it was a crazy loony shooting someone or a calculated assassination attempt or an act of terrorism.

Subsequent details showed that an AK47 type automatic rifle was used, indicating that this is a terrorist attack aimed at creating terror and confusion amongst the researchers and teachers at premiere institutions in India.

Abi describes the scene first hand.

I offer my condolences to Prof. MC Puri's family. I hope other injured scientists recover speedily and survive this attack.

We hope that the police will act swiftly and nab the culprits and also catch the planners behind this act.


  1. when will it stop...all the violence...or is this just the beginning? or as americans, are we just now seeing and experiencing what the rest of the world has been dealing with for centuries?

  2. is this the beginning or has all this violence been in the world and now the USA sees and hears and experiences some of it cuz of the decisions made after 9/11?