Monday, December 19, 2005

India's Looming IT Labor Shortage

From Business Week Online: India's Looming IT Labor Shortage

Article talks about the McKinsey Global Institute and Nasscom study on what could go wrong with India's quest for IT supremacy in the world.

We need to overhaul the education system, produce more qualified, employable engineers, and improve on the country's infrastructure, says the report.

I hope Indian Government acts on the study's findings, and finds the money required to invest in education and infrastructure.

All along, I hope they will also keep the poor people in mind and spend sufficient monies on them so that they are pulled up sufficiently. Rural education and job creation are also the keys. Otherwise, there will be two Indias at loggerheads against each other resulting in a violent armed struggle.


  1. Badri, I am yet to study the original report. I place infrastructure development on a slightly higher pedestal than creating 'quality' man power. I believe there is some room for the market forces to work in improving the quality of our education, but infrastructure development needs planning on a massive scale. See my opinions on this

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  2. Badri,
    What you are saying is 100% correct about our Education system.If we are taking up our education system to the rural places,there will a great Violence in the future India like France.One day it will happen in india also.So, this is correct time to make the society even and balanced. Will our great polticians realise this?